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Nature is the foundation of everything we do.


We strongly believe that the best beauty solutions come straight from nature, with no artificial ingredients or animal testing. That’s why we use only the purest, most natural ingredients in our cosmetics  to bring you beauty that’s kind to your skin and the planet. Explore the beauty of nature with our range of 100% natural and cruelty-free cosmetics, and feel the difference it makes to your skin, your confidence, and your life.

part of the world

Amidst the concrete and technology that surrounds us, it’s easy to forget our connection to nature, overlook it. It’s easy to get caught up in our daily lives and forget how much there is to learn from our surroundings. But when you find yourself facing a problem, there is usually a solution within reach—you just need to look for it! At Elixiderma, we believe that we are all part of our planet’s ecosystem. We are like a drop of water in the ocean or a speckle at a spiderweb that stretches across our planet —a part of something bigger than ourselves.

we are not alone

We are not alone on this planet. We have been around for a long time—long enough to develop a friendship with the plants around us. They understand us, and they can help us flourish. At Elixiderma, nature is at the core of our focus. We believe that the best answers come from nature, and there are solutions for every skin and hair problem out there—even things that seem impossible to fix! That’s why we created natural and even edible products with no chemical additives in their formulas with no harm to environment and animals. Our Z-line is formulated by specifically all-natural ingredients that have been used by humans since the beginning of time!

Be kind to yourself, be kind to your planet.

We are here to show you what is possible; all you need to do is live & see!