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Our Z-ixir journey began with a profound admiration for nature and a fervor for organic living and seeking answers in it. We acknowledge that the cosmetics industry is often rife and harmful chemicals and tocins, wich is why as Elixiderma we endeavored to establish a hair product that you can rely on. We strongly believe that genuine beauty originates from within. This is why we are dedicated to producing organic cosmetics that not only benefit your skin but also promote overall wellness. Z-ixir is made with natural, uncomplicated ingredients that have been meticulously chosen for their efficacy and purity.


Hair & scalp care mask


from nature to your life


Z-ixir cleans the hair and scalp from the first moment it is used, helps to prevent hair loss, gives volume and strengthens the hair by applying deep care to the hair and scalp, With Z-ixir, you can expect to have shiny, voluminous hair every day. Our product is cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and suitable for sensitive skin.

We are here to show you what is possible; all you need to do is live & see!